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#DecadeAdvent Day Eight: ‘Lookout’ - Dunmail Raise, Cumbria. UK. 2014 . Do you know how difficult it is to buy Xmas decorations, in bulk, in April? This WWII ‘pillbox’ sits at the watershed point of Dunmail Raise in the Lake District - a mountain pass north of Grasmere that marks the boundary between the south and north of the county. A nearby cairn marks the resting place of the Cumbrian (Dane) King Dunmail killed by the Saxons in 975. It’s a strategic vantage point as any north-south traffic has to pass this way. Over 28,000 of these concrete bunkers were built in 1940 as part of the defences in the event of an invasion by the German army. Sat in the heart of the Lake District National Park this one has one of the best views. ‘Lookout’ was one of a series of pieces I made that explored the history of looking at the landscape. The pillbox bunker was clad in around 4000 silver baubles. The effect is a little like a fly’s eye where the landscape is reflected and repeated thousands of times across the surface. It also references the ‘Claude Glass’ mirrors used by the first tourists to the lakes. A small lens in one of the gun apertures transformed the inside into a camera obscura. . . . #artinstallation #installationart #landscape #viewingstation #lookoutpost #pillbox #concrete #concretearchitecture #lakedistrict #lakedistrictnationalpark #heritage #baubles #reflections #shiny #archive #backcatalogue #stevemessam #2014


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Really nice! I would love to see that on a sunny day! (What will you do with those spheres afterwards?)


Love it. 😊😊😊


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